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 There is no need to install, it is ready to use, it can save traffic, save installation time, save memory, and do not occupy the desktop.

Commercial value

Supported by huge traffic pool, strong social attributes, easy to spread

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Suitable for various environments

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Advantages of WeChat Mini Program:

1. Save mobile phone memory: ready to use, go away after use, there is no need to download and install operations, the applet can achieve seven major functions such as message notification, offline scan code, public account association, etc.

2. Simpler user registration: The applet can directly authorize the user's mobile phone number bound to WeChat, simplifying the user registration process and lowering the threshold for the user's first use.

3. Large audience base: In the huge WeChat user group, promotion is no longer difficult. It can help merchants to display small programs to surrounding users at designated locations, so that they can be easily found and used by surrounding users, and increase the exposure of merchants.

4. Low development cost: Use lower development cost to create a user experience comparable to traditional APP. Facing SMEs to solve the online sales dilemma, the threshold for e-commerce entrepreneurship has been greatly reduced to meet various business needs.

5. Efficient connection: efficiently connect users with others, services, goods and goods.

6. Stronger social communication capabilities: richer user access, combined with more convenient sharing methods. Created more social communication functions. Such as getting a list of group users, monitoring the sharing status, etc.

7. Richer components and APIs: navigation, multimedia, location, video, and other native APP-like functional support, to better meet the various needs of merchants.

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Commercial Value

The commercial value of WeChat applets:
1. Supported by huge traffic pool, with strong social attributes and easy to spread

The small program is attached to WeChat, a huge user traffic platform, and has a natural advantage in social distribution. Many users contact the small program through sharing, private chatting or fission by other groups. We can see a lot of spelling, Meituan takeaway, Ctrip ticket grabbing and other small programs are some small programs that users often share in WeChat group or daily chat with friends. The powerful social attributes of applets help many companies achieve low-cost user growth.

2. Lightweight, no installation, almost no memory, easy to open, easy to use and easy to close

The appearance of applets has replaced a lot of lightweight APPs, which greatly saves the user's mobile phone memory and running space. With the light design and fast functions, applets have won users' joy. Compared with APPs, its The operation is simpler, and it will not occupy one or more mobile phone desktops like APP, which not only improves the user's efficiency, but also enhances the user experience.
For small and medium-sized enterprises, the emergence of small programs allows them to have the opportunity to operate small "APP", the development cost and the difficulty of development are relatively low, making small programs has become a lot of small and medium-sized enterprises that have no ability to develop APP Preference option.

3. The connection, expansion and reconstruction of the scene

The emergence of small programs has achieved a business model of online and offline integration. When going offline, customers can scan the small program code in the offline store to get an overview of the products and services in the offline store, and then place an order to purchase; while online, customers can also buy goods through the small program Or services, and then receive the goods by express delivery.
Operation of applets helps merchants face the entire WeChat ecosystem, expands consumption scenarios, increases the contact between merchants and customers, and enhances customer stickiness. In addition, for offline stores, the launch of applets also makes their stores The operating time has become longer. The small program uses the small program code as the entrance, and through the six major access channels such as offline code scanning, WeChat search, public account association, friend recommendation, historical records and nearby stores, it reconstructs the consumption scenario and greatly releases consumers Potential.

4. Conducive to precision marketing

The applet can help merchants to accurately market by collecting data such as the user ’s consumption age and consumption habits. At the same time, it can use social networking in WeChat to complete activities such as powder sucking, promotion, and order-free through social and social fission Mutual assistance to help achieve the purpose of profitability for businessmen.

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Scope of application

Scope of WeChat Mini Program:

1、Sales physical store

2、Service store

3、Sales online shop

4、Service type

5、Bank, Government

6、Finance, Investment

7、Living tools

8、Online consulting software

9、And many more

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Suitable for industry

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General merchandise

Support distribution, a variety of marketing activities, self-collection and verification, etc.

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Food Industry

Food search, business search, takeaway order, dine-in, map navigation

Team Member
Insurance Finance

Insurance introduction, insurance comparison to screening, project crowdfunding

Team Member
Beauty and Body

Technician viewing and screening, appointment service, order payment (coupon coupons)

Team Member
Medical clinic

WeChat registration, medical consultation, appointment appointment

Team Member
Education and training

Course introduction, online registration, teacher appointment

Team Member
Fitness yoga

Course introduction, membership card opening, appointment of private education

Team Member
Real Estate Agents

Listing display, appointment to see the house, advance deposit

Team Member
Smart property

Property repair, property payment, online property

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Community life

Community merchant classification, membership cards, store payment, message push

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Appointment of cleaning, water station distribution, door-to-door service

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